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Monday, 20 May 2013

Roots in the Sky - Oregon

More jazz-rock crossover from the '70s, that's probably well-known to people who know this stuff well, but I'd personally never heard about it.  Can't help feeling if this had been stored in a cupboard for years instead of being released it would be a lot hipper than it is.  There's a kind of Basil Kirchin vibe to the first track, and lots of interesting textures from that point on.  The cover is a bit overly literal.


Monday, 13 May 2013

Gay and Straight Together

A collection of gay lib folk and cabaret songs from the '70s, produced by and featuring Ginni Clemmens, whose children's album I featured a few weeks ago.  Stand-out track is If You Got Gayness by Charlie Murphy, which deserves to be covered until it's a standard and inevitably becomes The X-Factor winner's song in 2016.


Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Varech - Henri Texier

Texier is a French jazz double-bassist, who is held in high regard by people who hold other people in high regard for such things.  I personally hadn't heard of him, but French modern jazz isn't my strong point.  This '70s album has something of a prog-folk-jazz feel to it, and there are plenty of impressive bits of bass plucking for Roni Size to cut up and stick in his drum 'n' bass machine. (Is drum 'n' bass still a thing?  Is Roni Size still a thing?  I don't really pay attention.)


Sunday, 5 May 2013

Windows For Youth - Morris Schreiber

One of several spoken word instructional records from the '60s intended to be listened to in Junior High school by one Morris Schreiber.  Hypnotic to the point of being soporific, and with information presented in a frankly un-absorbable manner, I can't imagine much learning actually took place during these lessons.  And if the teacher was foolish enough to leave the room and leave the record playing, forget it.  It would be raining spitballs.  The final track, 'Outer Space,' is calling out for a remix.