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Thursday, 21 November 2013

'50s and '60s Lost and Found Records Vol. 1

Here I attempt to solve one of the great mysteries of Spotify, this being the various unfeasibly long and curiously selected compilations floating around on it.  This one is a full 80 tracks long and collects various tunes from the '50s and '60s, but not ones that anyone would realistically ever want to listen to sequenced together.  There are big hits like Serge Gainsbourg's 'Je t'aime... mon non plus' and 'Cinderella Rockefella' by those people who did it, alongside obscurities from the Tornados, 'My Boy Lollipop' Millie, Bobby Darin and other established names, and a whole bunch of other stuff by people you've never heard of.  Some of it's credible rock 'n' roll, some of it the easiest of easy.  Some of it's good, much of it is dreadful.
  So why do compilations like this exist?  It's not simply a case of someone bunging a load of out-of-copyright stuff out there just to see what cash they can make off of it, as some of it won't lapse into the public domain for a number of years.  The clue is in the company name - Master Classics Records.  This is an imprint owned by The Orchard, a music distribution company which sub-licences recordings, many of them languishing with record companies who have long lost interest in them, and attempts to push them back out there for consumption.  Compilations such as these, then, are presumably a sort of sampler, so actually listening to it is a bit like trying to read the Argos Catalogue.
   Having said all that, the re's some good stuff on there amongst the chaff which you won't have heard, so worth a flick.  My personal fave - 'If You Want This Love' by Sonny Knight.  More on whom later.


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