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Monday, 22 April 2013

Sing a Rainbow and Other Children's Songs - Ginni Clemmens

'60s folk singer Clemmens sings children's songs, accompanying herself on the guitar and the banjo.  A bunch of kids help out.  You can't really argue with that.  Well, you could, but you'd be dead inside.  It's not all cute, however, Jane-Jane is intense, while Hey Little Boy isn't like any song we learned when I was a kid.  Highlight is This Old Man, with a skeletal banjo part, military rhythm, and a kid coming in with his line too early. But 'that's ok', says Clemmens, and it is.


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

100 Western Swing Hits

Western Swing was a meeting of country music and jazz that was popular from the late '20s to the '40s.  It was lively, with a wry, even urban, humour.  It was also occasionally fantastically rude.  I find it of interest because it seems like a dry run for rock 'n' roll, with white and black music fusing into something good-time, raucous and implicitly sexual.  By the time rock 'n' roll did hit, however, it seems that everyone had already forgotten the great Western Swing experiment.  Stand-out tracks for me in this four volume set (volume one linked to below) are 'Red's Tight Like That' by the Tune Wranglers, 'Who Walks In When I Walk Out' by Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys, and the impossibly obscene 'Pussy, Pussy, Pussy' by the amazingly-named Adolf Hofner.  Listeners should be warned, however, that Western Swing is of its time, and some very unacceptable words do make an appearance.


Monday, 8 April 2013

Voices of the Satellites

A collection of transmissions from the early days of the Space Age.  Hear! Sputnik 1!  Sputnik 3!  The Doppler Effect!  Dogmonaut Laika's heart beating!  Eerie, in a Sam Rockwell in a film by David Bowie's son-type way.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Britain's First Top Model - Twiggy, the Silver Screen Syncopators

This bizarre comp matches up a handful of sides recorded by charming singing model Twiggy in the '60s for the Ember label with some unrelated '20s style music by the Silver Screen Syncopators, presumably because of her starring role in the mock-period musical The Boyfriend.  Forget all the SSS stuff, and just listen to the Twiggy tracks.  Her vocals aren't exactly top-draw, or even top-drawer, but check out the backing.  I don't know what the arranger was on when he wrote those, but I for one am having some.