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Monday, 30 June 2014

The Essential Recordings - Don Gibson

A while back, I wrote about an album of Roy Orbison's on which he showcased the songs of country artist Don Gibson, which I enjoyed very much.  This ultimately sent me back to the original recordings.  Although very much respected in country circles, Gibson's name hasn't gravitated out to the more casual music fan in the way his contemporaries Johnny Cash, George Jones or Patsy Cline have.  This is perhaps due to Gibson never really finding a consistent voice.  Some tracks here are sung politely, while with others he adopts a more ragged approach.
   What is undeniable, however, is the quality of his songwriting.  This is pre-outlaw country pop at its most tuneful and toe-tapping.  Occasionally melancholy, rarely morose, it's a bag well worth dipping into, and you may well recognise a few.  'Sweet Dreams' was made famous by Cline, while others would get the full country treatment from Ray Charles and Elvis.  Oh, and 'Oh, Lonesome Me' from After the Goldrush by Neil Young is here as well, albeit sounding a lot chirpier.


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